Don’t be scared of internships

It is important to ask someone if they have any experience with something before recommending it or giving advice.

My topic today is “why don’t be afraid of internships”.

During my career, I have been an intern three times:

  • I am the network administrator at my high school
  • Web developer at Pars-Online (a popular Iranian internet service provider).
  • I am a data scientist at Damavand mineral water company.

With this information, I am a good candidate for advice or internship suggestions.

Don’t be afraid of internships because at university or school you can learn a lot of subjects but you cannot access real-world work environments. It is not possible for you to be in the office for a long period of time. Work discipline is an important soft skill for individuals.

You cannot earn work discipline if you are afraid of interning. Internship places are important, because a bad internship company can affect your mentality.

It is recommended that before choosing an internship place, you read about the company on social media (like: twitter, linkedin, …). You are able to search for your supervisor and history about her.

As a result you don’t forget something:

  • Sign the contract (sometimes good companies pay interns).
  • Please don’t bet shy and rude.
  • Pay attention to company policies and rules.
  • Please never date with someone inside your internship company (many of company have rules about date employer together).
  • Don’t be arrogant and be open to learning. (just be flexible)
  • please don’t be internship long-term inside abuser company