Please stop. Frequently use social media? Why do you do that?

Currently, I work from home. In my room, there is no noise, which is helpful because, during my work time, I can think more about things (I feel I’m an overthinker nowadays). We use social media constantly. For example, after getting up from bed, we check our phones or social media, but why? Is it worth spending our time on an infinite thing?

In this century, many people use social media, even though they know social media can create negative feelings. The Internet and social media are potential environments, but if you use social media for entertainment, you must stop.

A year ago, I tried a social media detox, but I felt I had forgotten something significant. Many of our friends immigrated to another country, and social media is an excellent tool for communicating with immigrant friends. The use of social media can improve our relationships with family and friends. Still, I need to understand why we spend our time earning what?

We don’t care about social media, which is costly in our lives. After scrolling down Instagram for 1 hour, you must remember social media is terrible.
For managing social media, you need your own formula.