Remote work in formal clothing + my experience

In Iran before the Covid pandemic of 19 February 2020, remote work was not very popular among teams, HRs, and managers. For the first few weeks or months, me and my colleagues worked from home in informal clothes. While we were happy, our performance decreased. Even though the covid pandemic and staying at home and working from home were different at that time because people had troma and family problems because the covid created a fear in their minds.

Nowadays, working from home has become a casual thing, but performance is very significant. When it comes to my work situation, I try to change it by wearing formal clothes, buying a comfortable chair, using headphones for noise reduction at work, and reminding my family and roommate to refrain from calling me at 9-to-5.

As a result of this situation, I performed significantly better than 40% in my daily routine at work. Try working with formal clothing 🙂