The first blog post using Chat-GPT: How would you describe me?

Today, I sent my cv as a text to Chat-GPT and asked Chat-GPT “write a blog post about me.”

Chat-GPT Result:

Amir Shokri is a software developer with over 7 years of experience in full-stack development. He is currently based in Tehran, Iran, and holds a Master’s degree in artificial intelligence and robotics from Semnan University’s Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering.

Amir has been a vital member of the technology industry, developing enterprise resource planning systems using PHP (Laravel, CodeIgniter), Python (Django), JavaScript (React.js, Next.js, jQuery), HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), and MySQL. Moreover, he has experience in TensorFlow, karas, PyTorch, Linux, Docker, Git, and Maple.

Amir also has a passion for open-source projects and has developed Iranian web platforms to empower users in their right to be forgotten. Additionally, he is a frequent blogger, having written over 1200 posts on, where he shares his knowledge of data privacy and security.

Amir has also acquired multiple certificates in machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, artificial intelligence and law, empathy and ethics, and business and the future of work. He is committed to continuous learning and staying up to date with the latest advancements in technology.

His hobbies include creating a directory of right-to-be-forgotten status on Iranian platforms, developing Chrome and Firefox plugins, collecting Persian datasets, and recording podcast episodes about data privacy, machine learning, and data science.

Besides his work and volunteer commitments, Amir is fluent in English and Farsi and has presented various workshops on Haptic technology, lean management for technical people, stress management and relaxation, and more.

In conclusion, Amir Shokri is a highly motivated software developer with extensive experience in Full Stack Development, Machine Learning, AI, and other advanced programming techniques. His passion for technology and open-source projects is inspiring, and his willingness to help others improve their skills is a testament to his commitment to lifelong learning.


Note: Hahahahaha, This blog post was generated by Chat-GPT. Thank you Open-AI.