Why not look for a job before grudating?

Sometimes I get messages like “hey Amir, I just graduated and it has been difficult to find my first job” or “my teen wants a job even though he/she has a bachelor’s or master’s, but can’t find one”.

Four or five times a week, I receive messages with the same concept. My first response to these messages is: “why search for a job before you graduate?” and I receive the response: “we don’t have free time.”

If students want my recommendation, I recommend they spend their time on worthwhile entertainment instead of useless work. This is not about not having fun, it’s about expanding their skills as a student because if you can’t find a job, you have another option (studying), but if you’re unhappy, your family or yourself will be difficult on you.

You should grow your soft skills and hard skills at university. In every country, a university is a great place for students to acquire skills. However, some students say they can’t gain any skills at university. Internships are an excellent way to gain real-world space experience.