Write cover letter for each position = get interview

Getting your first job or changing jobs for a new job is challenging because sometimes you have stress and deadlines. Now that you are a job seeker, I hope the best for you and please don’t give up.

My experience of applying for a job is not a lot since I choose my new company more carefully and don’t change my company very often. Our jobs are the most important part of our lives, so we must enjoy them.

The message we receive a lot about job seeking is: “… now we decide not to hire you…”. This is very normal.

In my experience, I have applied for jobs with a generic cover letter or a specific cover letter. I have always gotten interviews with specific cover letters. Hiring managers and vacancy departments read many cover letters each week, so they can recognize generic cover letters. When you write a specific cover letter for their position, you demonstrate interest in the job.

If you get an interview with a company of your dreams, please write a cover letter for each position you interview for instead of using a general cover letter for multiple ones.

Again, do not give up. You must find the best place to work.