My name is Amir Shokri. I was born in Tehran in 1996. In my childhood, I enjoyed playing with skateboards and bicycles. When I was 13, my father bought me a Pentium-4 computer. Before having a personal computer, I used my aunt’s computer to type my schoolwork. During that time, floppy disks were a popular way to store and communicate data between computers. Other methods might have been available then, but I only had a little computer experience.

Command and Conquer was my favorite video game on my computer. I enjoy playing strategy games.

High school was a worthwhile experience because I was very interested in computer science. I got an ADSL connection in 2011 to connect to the internet. Previously, I used a DIAL-UP network, but this method had a big problem “dial-up network made phone line busy.”

Since 2011, I have been selling web hosting and installing web scripts for others. As of today, I have published more than 2000 Persian-language blog posts on the internet.

I applied to Enghalb-e Eslami Technical College in Tehran after graduating high school as an associate student. After completing my associate degree, I applied for a bachelor’s degree at Shamsipour Technical and Vocational University.

In the past, I have always loved contributing to computer science because computers have changed my life. My computer helped me earn money to buy all the things I wanted. I applied to Semnan University for a master’s in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. In my master’s thesis, I research Quantifying image memorability for adult Iranians and the effects of local images on it in the department’s lab.

I enjoy my routine and work because I use my time for enjoyment. I am fortunate because I can earn money from my hobbies.

I am busy with research and learning new things because I am eager to share knowledge with others.

Thanks for reading this far; you’re part of Amir’s story.