Change your world = buy a Macbook

I am writing this blog after using my Macbook for over a year. My Macbook has changed my world.

The purpose of this post is not to give general advice but to tell you about my experience.

I had a PC for 5 years, a DELL laptop for 4 years, and an ASUS laptop for 5 years before buying a Macbook. The Macbook changed my life.

There are many advantages to using a MacBook:

  • Excellent UI/UX for performing simple actions.
  • Ideal weight for a person with a lot of traffic
  • High-quality material for working with your hands.
  • Convenient keyboard and touchpad
  • A superb battery for a laptop
  • Work without noise
  • Better performance
  • Etc.

Okay, so if you say, “do not support Apple products,” I reply, “do not support without reason.”

The command line has become my best friend since using Mac OS. I do not store garbage files because I have 500GB of storage on my Macbook, and I must remove useless files from it. I say “goodbye crash” or “goodbye pause” in my routine.

I can’t work with any other device because I’m addicted to Apple products.