Digital ocean infrastructure shocked me.

My current job is as a full-stack developer on an international project. My task is to develop scalable social media for this project. However, it is a new social media platform, and we are developing a new project. We use Next.js for front-end development and Django for back-end development. For this project, I chose digital ocean products. In previous projects, we maintained our infrastructure with a direct server and manually configured all services.

As part of this project, we used the “app platform” product for the backend and front end, the “storage” product for the store data, and the “database cluster” product to use the PostgreSQL database.

This configuration took 1 week in the past, but with DigitalOcean, it took just 1 day.

As a result, Digital Ocean has become one of my top-5 favorite products because it allows us to set up our infrastructure easily, provides scalable resources, and is very affordable. Because all parts of our infrastructure are in one place, this saves us time and money.

Thank you, digital ocean.

I wrote this post as a personal experience of working with Digital Ocean.