Inspect element in safari for iOS + macOS

All web developers today know websites should be mobile-friendly. A handy tool you might need if you’re working on a web project is “browser inspect element”. The purpose of this post is to explain how to use inspect element on your iphone with your mac device (macbook, imac, etc.).

How to activate the inspect element in iOS:

  • Open your iOS device settings and scroll down to “Safari”, then tap in “Safari”:

  • Tap in “advanced”:

  • Turn on the “web inspector” option:

  • Okay, done. In your iOS device safari, open your web address.
  • Your iOS device must be connected to your Mac device (macbook, imac, etc.).
  • Open your mac device safari and click on setting.

  • Go to the “advanced” tab and turn on “show develop menu in menu bar”.

  • Okay, well done. In your macOS safari open the “Develop” tab and select your device and your web page:

  • Hooray, now you can use live inspect element.

  • finish.!