Instead of LMS, use Github

As a teacher assistant, I taught over 800 hours to 150 students in four semesters. I trained and practiced machine learning, image processing, and computer architecture courses with students.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, all classes are online. Professors, teacher assistants, etc., use university LMS to receive student assignments and grades.

My class created a new organization for Semnan University, added all students to class teams, and created a repository for uploading assignments. In the course, we use the repository issue section to ask questions.

It created an environment for improving student skills and working on the same project. Still, people think that if they access a student’s assignment, they can copy or duplicate it. My accomplishments in this class are that students understand concepts; I only care about assessment results if a student understands the subject. Based on assignments, I randomly checked this subject.

I made a poll for my class after the semester ended, and the results were encouraging.

Below is a link to my classes file: