Right to be forgotten in Iran

Whenever I use the internet or online service, my biggest problem is my data. Several times I deleted my old account on the internet and created a new one; this is an excellent way to decrease my online activity. I was inspired to launch an open-source platform for the right to be forgotten after seeing a tweet by “Nima” about deleting accounts on Persian media.

I aim to develop a simple platform to collect data about account deletions in Iranian services. This service starts with a simple page with a few details. My service gained a lot of users after sharing it on Twitter and in the Persian open-source community. Consequently, I decided to continue developing this service. I run ‘just delete me‘ as my primary sample for implementing this idea.

I started by creating a small team to grow this project because team building is one of the most significant things in every project. My project roadmap was completed after I hired a new UI and Graphic Designer, Content Writer, and Developer as volunteers.

Next, we designed a revised version with a modified theme and redesigned colors, changed typography, added new pages with content, and redesigned the logo.

Additionally, write blog posts and share them on social media.

Also, I bought a domain name (www.rtbf.ir) for publishing this project inside a user-friendly web address so that it is easy to find.

I published this project on GitHub as an open-source project, which attracted a lot of feedback and contributions.

In 2022, this project was awarded the Software Freedom Day Festival Iran prize. This event is held annually by the international open-source community in Iran.

After winning this prize, people begin talking more about online privacy in Persian services. A chrome and firefox plugin has been developed for her to quickly use this service in their daily life.

Our project aims to collect more information and data about online data protection and user rights.

You can find it inside our organization if you are interested in contributing to this project. Below are links to our source:

Our petition for the right to be forgotten in Iran can be accessed here: