The Lasting Impact of Sharing Children’s Lives Online

Think Before You Post!!!!!!!!!!!

Children, unwittingly, become victims of their parents sharing videos or images of them online. There might come a time when, upon reaching the legal age and becoming more aware of privacy issues concerning personal information, they may find themselves unhappy with these past actions. By then, unfortunately, there’s not much they can do to reverse the situation.


  • If you’re a parent, please think twice before sharing anything about your child on the internet. Ask yourself whether your child would find it acceptable in the future to have such information about them available online.
  • Please refrain from encouraging (following, subscribing, liking, commenting on, etc.) the sharing of children’s content on the internet.


If you’re interested in these topics, you can read “Kidfluencing: The Digital Dilemma of Child Fame, Privacy, and Rights” through my blog.