Kidfluencing: The Digital Dilemma of Child Fame, Privacy, and Rights

In today’s digital world, the phenomenon of “kidfluencing” has emerged. It involves children seeking to attract followers and gain fame and income by sharing images and videos of their personal lives on social media, either by themselves or through their parents. On one hand, the allure of fame and fortune draws both parents and sometimes the children towards this new trend. On the other hand, the darkness of ignorance puts the rights and privacy of these children at risk.

The psychological and social harms of kidfluencing, including exploitation, loss of childhood, and damaged self-esteem, ring alarm bells for the future of these children. Moreover, the right to be forgotten, a fundamental right, is often overlooked in this context.

It’s crucial to protect the rights of children in the digital space by educating parents, implementing protective laws, and reporting violations. Kidfluencing is an emerging issue that requires empathy and cooperation from society, parents, governmental bodies, and digital activists to find appropriate solutions and ensure a bright future for the children.


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